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If you have a general question about KGR, our adoption proceedure, events, volunteering or greyhounds in general, please read our website as we answer most questions either in the Q&As or in the health and welfare section.  We are a small voluntary team and struggle at times with the volume of emails and calls we get.  Your help to reduce the volume of work is greatly appreciated.

ADOPTION - for all dog rehoming enquiries, please complete the online adoption form .   Please read our dogs and adoption section first, including the Q&As. which should answer any questions you have. Please DO NOT apply unless you are in a position to adopt within a few days of your homecheck.  

For volunteer enquiries, including dog walking, please read our volunteer section  which explains how to apply, and who can volunteer.

We are open every day between 11am and 7pm. Please do not call outside of these hours.

+44 (0) 1303 271131

+44 (0) 7542 795786

You will get a much quicker reply if you use the contact form rather than calling us and leaving a message.

We are all volunteers who work and therefore have to manage the charity in our spare time. Despite our best intentions we are not always able to return calls and emails the same day but please be patient and we will get back to you as soon as we can.  Our website answers most of the questions you may have - please read it before contacting us, as it should provide the information you are looking for.

If you leave a message, please leave a landline number, not a mobile number, so we can return your call but avoid spending our donations on phone bills.

If you have found a dog, and you are unable to contact his owners from information shown on the ID disc, then you must contact the dog warden.  The dog warden's contact number for your area can be found online. If you find a dog out of hours and the dog warden is not available you may need to hold onto the dog until the dog warden is back on duty.   Please note we are unable to accept stray dogs from members of the public as they have to be reported to the Dog Warden.

If you have lost a dog please contact  and report your dog as missing. They will provide advice on how to search for your dog, and will even generate a "lost dog" poster for you to display locally.  Please also call the dog warden and local vets in your area.  If your dog is a KGR hound please let us know immediately as he is microchipped to the rescue and we will be notified if he is found.


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