Greyhound and Corns

/home/kentgreyhoundrescue/public_html/views/pages/pages/default.phpGreyhounds frequently get corns and no one really understand why. There are 2 theories   The first is that it is related to greyhound racing and the weight they put on some of their pads more than the others – but there have been cases where non racing dogs have developed corns on each pad.   The other theory is that the corns are a result of a virus.   Whatever  the reason is for your dog developing corns, the problem and the cures are the same.  There are various methods to remove corns and surgery should be a last result.  Hulling corns is often recommended but corns can and do grow back.  Some non evasive methods of removing corns are:   Lots of people have experienced good results with homeopathic medicine.  Indeed one of our KGR dogs was greatly helped using Lori Rose on his 8 corns – she dispenses both homeopathic tablets and an ointment to massage into the pad   .   Burts Bees balm is also good to use on the pads – gently rub it into the affected area.   Bizarrely gaffa tape also works – but just the silver one – you need to place a piece on the corn and leave for around 6 days.  When removed gently file down the corn.   Finally try an epsom salts soak for 10 minutes twice a day.   All of the above ultimately soften the pad which helps the corns.   If you dog cannot walk then try Therapaws Boots.