Munch was Monster Munch

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  • Munch was Monster Munch
  • Munch was Monster Munch
  • Munch was Monster Munch
  • Munch was Monster Munch
  • Munch was Monster Munch
  • Munch was Monster Munch
  • Reserved
  • Greyhound
  • Male
  • 1 Year Old
  • Laid Back & Lazy

Monster Munch is a big gormless greyhound who is only 18 months old. Another reject from the racing industry who is now looking for a forever home as a much loved family pet. MM will settle into a home easily and he is just so laid back (partly through being lazy and partly through lack of thought process to be anything else).  He has however got great potential to be a mummys boy and a super cuddle monster.  He is living in a foster home in Canterbury with other dogs and he is a really good boy - he is cuddly, sweet, funny and housetrained.  His foster mum works and he is fine being left (with a toilet break/dog walker at lunchtime).

If you pop over to our facebook page we have some very sweet vidoes of Monster Munch (taken 28th Jan) showing just how soft and gentle he is.

Please read our FAQs if you have children.   If you have children you and your children will need to attend training classes with your new dog.

MM has a pet passport.

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