Monty was Nico

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  • Monty was Nico
  • Monty was Nico
  • Monty was Nico
  • Monty was Nico
  • Monty was Nico
  • Reserved
  • Saluki Cross
  • Male
  • 2 Years Old
  • Active Home Needed

Nico has now setled into his fosster home near Ashford and his foster family adore him.  He is just the sweetest dog and he is so affectionate.  He does have an overshot jaw but this just makes him even cuter.

Nico was found by the dog warden, wandering in a village in Ireland, in a very sorry state, full of mange and fleas and very undernourished, he spent some time in the pound where he was treated for his mange and his flea investation, he was taken into care by a local rescue and has been in a foster home for the past 4 weeks. He is slowly putting on weight and his coat is improving, he is a very easy going and loving dog. He enjoys his cuddles, loves to play zoomies around the garden, either with the other dogs or alone.He will continue to need loads of TLC to ensure he gets back to full fitness, but he will show his appreciation by being a super pet, he is house trained and is probably cat workable.

If you children an/or cats please read our FAQS.  If you have children you and your children will need to attend training classes with your new dog.

Nico has a pet passport.

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