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  • Steve
  • Steve
  • Steve
  • Reserved
  • Greyhound
  • Male
  • 1 Year Old
  • Cat Friendly

Steve is a gormless young greyhound and still pretty much a puppy.  Steve was only born sometime in 2016 - he was registered to be a racing dog but didn't make the grade - we don't know his exact date of birth but he turns one sometime in 2017.

Steve is a young dog who needs confident owners around him - like all greyhounds, especially the young ones, he dosn't like to live with stress and he will pick up on stress in the home environment. Steve is very happy in his foster home and he can be left when his foster mum goes to work - but only in the company of other dogs.  He was homed, but he was returned after a short time because they thought he couldn't settle and he started to lose hair.  We have no idea why as he is chilled in his foster home and he was chilled in his foster home before leaving us.

Steve is not the type of greyhound who can be left for long periods - he will worry.  The last time he got himself all worried and stressed he lost of lot of his hair, but thankfully that is now all starting to grow back and he is back to being chilled, relaxed and happy. He needs owners who are around for most of the time or who have other dogs to keep him company.  If you do work and are interested in Steve please be honest about your hours on the application form.

The good news is Steve is cat friendly - you will still need to follow the guidance on cat and dog introductions (including using a crate for a short time) but he has lived with cats and he was fine with them.

If you have children and/or cats please read the relevant sections on the website. Steve is not suitable to live with young children.

Steve has a pet passport.

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