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  • George
  • George
  • George
  • George
  • George
  • George
  • Reserved
  • Lurcher
  • Male
  • 3 Years Old
  • Active Home Needed

George has come into us from a local home where he has lived, with 5 other dogs, since he was a puppy.  He is a young, active lurcher so he is looking for an active home, with owners who are either around for most of the time, who have proven doggie day care solutions or who have other compatable dogs to keep him company during the day.  

George is a typical playful lurcher who just wants to have fun, play, run and chase.  He is used to being in a home so housetrained, great in the car.  George can live with female dogs - he loves the company of dogs but he can be a bit bossy at times, so needs laid back dogs who won't care.   

George would benefit from dog training classes - he is a clever boy so he will enjoy learning.

If you have children please read the relevant section on the website. If you have young children, both you and your children will need to attend training classes with your new dog.

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Please make sure you are in a position to adopt a dog, before completing the online adoption form. We are unable to hold onto dogs for more than a few days, once you have passed your homecheck.

We do rehome throughout the UK, so long as you are prepared to travel to meet the dog within a few days of applying for him and then again to adopt him, once you have passed your homecheck.