Dinky Dora

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  • Dinky Dora
  • Dinky Dora
  • Dinky Dora
  • Dinky Dora
  • Dinky Dora
  • Under Assessment
  • Lurcher X GSD
  • Female
  • 1 Year Old
  • GSD Experienced Home Needed

Dinky Dora is a 1 year old lurcher x GSD looking for owners with GSD experience. 

Dora originally came into us from a local family. Her mum was a GSD and her dad a lurcher (blue bedlington x greyhound) and she was brought up with both parents in a home environment.  She has been a much loved family pet and she is very well socialised around people, horses and other dogs. Dora had to look for a new home because of an incident with sheep - once in a normal domestic setting, with a secure garden, she will be fine. 

She is a fabulous girl and she adores everyone at kennels and all the volunteers - she is one of our favourites to take for a walk as she really enjoys being out and about and she walks really nicely on a lead.

Dora will be fabulous in the right home but she has 2 requirements.

The first is that she needs a home with GSD experienced owners (or a similar type of dog with guarding instinct).  She needs to understand she does not need to protect the family and that she is simply a member of the family and not in control of it.  Once she knows her position she will be a great addition to a family - if she is confused she will start to behave like a German Shepherd Dog and protect her pack.

The second is she needs a secure garden as she can and will go walkabout until you - as the human/owner - teach her not to.  She is not being naughty but she was never taught physical boundaries (i.e. not to jump fences) in her original home so she thinks it is OK to go walkabout.  Once settled and trained she will stop doing this.  She is a clever girl and very willing to learn so training will not be difficult. A secure garden, a non rural location and sensible owners are a must for this girl.  

What we absolutely recommend is good old fashioned dog training – where you and the dog go to a class week in and week out and slowly learn to deal with any problems and to make your dog a good doggie citizen.

Dora is great with other dogs but cannot live with cats or children.



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