Ayla was Ayka

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  • Ayla was Ayka
  • Ayla was Ayka
  • Ayla was Ayka
  • Ayla was Ayka
  • Ayla was Ayka
  • Ayla was Ayka
  • Reserved
  • Small Lurcher
  • Female
  • 18 Months Old
  • Active Home Needed

Ayka is a small, friendly girl who just needs to be in the right home to be the perfect pet.  She is only  21 inches tall and 21 long.

Ayka is a clever young lady who needs an active home with owners who are around for most of the day - she is a typical lurcher and if left to her own devices for too long or too often, she will amuse herself. Ayka has lived in a family home with children but they let her get away with too much and she needs to have owners who will give her training and boundaries - with a little bit of work she will be a fantastic dog. Having said that she is a dream to walk, she is perfectly well behaved when she is taken out of kennels and she is way too cute.  

Ayka can live with children, as she lived with them in her original home before coming to KGR.  She is very good with other dogs (although she can be bouncy) she cannot live with cats.

She has a pet passport.

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