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  • Jake
  • Jake
  • Jake
  • Jake
  • Jake
  • Reserved
  • Greyhound
  • Male
  • 1 Year Old
  • Cat Workable

Jake is a show greyhound - bred to prance about in a show ring and win prizes - but he mucked about too much so that was it - his career ended at just 1 year old.  He lived in a kennel with his breeder so he would love to start being a family pet in a family home.  He has just turned 1 year old so still very much a baby and a blank canvas.

He is a lovely friendly boy who should fit into most homes, although not with young children.  He is also cat workable if you follow the guidance on the website including using a crate in the short term.  Jake is not a rcaing greyhound - he was breed to be a show greyhound but arrived in rescue with his sister Jane as he didn't want to be part of the show world.  

He is only 1 year old so he is more active than a regular retired greyhound.  He will need more than 2 short walks a day.

Jake can live with children 12 and over - if they are used to dogs.  He cannot live with young children.

Jake has a pet passport.

If you have children please read our section on children and hounds.

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