New Volunteers

What a fantastic turnout we had at kennels this weekend for our induction walk! KGR would like to start off by saying a huge ‘THANK YOU’ and ‘WELCOME’ to our ten new dog walking volunteers! Yes, that’s right….TEN!

We currently have 28 dogs residing in kennels at present and more on the list to come in, so getting more volunteers on board to help with dog walks, really does make a difference. Dog walking not only enables each of our dogs to get out of kennels and stretch their legs, it helps them build confidence, learn how to socialise with other dogs and interact with people and also enables us to find out more about each dog’s personality and behaviours, so that we can pass this information on to potential foster families and adopters.

So who would have thought, our ‘Dog of the Day’ on Saturday was FABIAN! He has come on such a long way since the beginning of his time at kennels and it is absolutely fabulous and heart-warming to see his confidence grow and him enjoying life like he deserves.

Also winning a KGR title on Saturday, was Brandy! Not sure how he feels about being labelled, ‘Dirty Dog’, but hey, it’s recognition! Brandy showed off his playful side by stopping in the middle of the field and continuously rolling until he was caked in mud! It’s all fun and games!

The following dogs also got a chance to stretch their legs on Saturday; Mo, Max, Khan, Eddie, Captain (one of our most recent residents), Jane, Hogan, Madison and the ever-so-handsome Harry the Galgo! They may not have won awards this time round, but there’s always next time guys!

For more information on any of our dogs, head over to our ‘Hounds Needing Homes’ page and don’t forget to check out the KGR Facebook and Instagram to find out what fun and games our lovable dogs have been getting up to.

Much Love & Paw Prints

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