The Story of Sven

In the beginning…

After a plea  from KGR for foster homes over Christmas, we thought we would help out. It wouldn’t be for long after all and as long as he got on with my other two greyhounds and lurcher, it would all be fine! We were allocated Sven.

We collected Sven on December 23rd. The poor boy had been rescued with only a day to go before being put to sleep at the pound, a result of him not being any good at racing. He was very shut down, was scared of the car and bowed his head the entire time. We had to push him into our back garden as he refused to move!

On the up…

Then he met the girls (my three dogs)….Well, his tail wagged and he trotted around the garden with them, perfect! Having never been in a house before, he took to it like a duck to water and settled in his bed under the Christmas tree, making himself right at home. At the time, Sven couldn’t walk far, only about 10 minutes, due to the bad treatment he’d experienced in his former life, but gradually he started to enjoy his walks and could go further. He got on with every dog we met, large or small, and his character began to shine through. 

The next step…

I guess I should add that this was four years ago! Yes, we failed at fostering! We couldn’t bare the thought of him leaving, so as it was my husband’s birthday in January, the obvious present was Sven!

Sven’s success…

We took Sven to dog training and he passed bronze and silver ( not really the brightest so didn’t bother with gold!).  Sven has the biggest heart going! He’s so full of love and fun and he is now a very playful dog. Sometimes he still gets nervous in different situations and hates fireworks, but I guess with the start he had, he’s bound to be scarred.  But, the way he has adapted and loves humans amazes me! He races around my garden and indoors too! He now loves his walks and can’t get enough cuddles. It’s safe to say, he’s the best “failure” ever!


It just goes to show what a little love, persistence and a welcoming home can do for our hounds needing homes.


Jane Elizabeth – KGR Volunteer & Adopted Parent

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