An Eggcellent Easter

What a fabulous weekend we have had to celebrate Easter! KGR would like to say a huge ‘THANK YOU’ for the support we had at the Folkestone street collection, the dog show at the Hook and Hatchet Inn and also from the wonderful families who shared their homes with some of our kennel dogs over the Easter period.

Oscar showed off his best acting skills dressed up as a lion at the street collection. He also makes a pretty good thief – a pink fluffy toy went missing from the KGR shop courtesy of our newly corrupted Oscar! It’s always the quiet ones you have to watch hey! What do we all want to see him dressed up as next?

Another show stopper this weekend was Timmy! Timmy won 3rd place in one of the dog show competitions, much to Dora’s disappointment. Don’t worry Dora, you still have the No1 spot on the KGR celebrity list! We are also happy to announce that our gorgeous Poppy won herself a rosette too, after coming 2nd place for ‘Prettiest Female’! With the help of all those that attended the show, we managed to raise £110, which is absolutely fantastic! Did you miss out this time? Would you like to attend the next one? There will be plenty more!

Over the weekend, we have been kept up-to-date with stories of how our kennel dogs have been doing in their foster homes and it sure looks like they have had a great time, with a fair few outings. Khan had the pleasure of a trip out to Mote Park and we hear that he thoroughly enjoyed being spoiled with peanut butter cookie treats! Max enjoyed a paddle in the water and a long stroll before heading off to his new forever home – Hooray! Denby’s tail is in need of a much needed rest after all the weekend wagging – He visited Bexley Woods and Danson Park this weekend and won the hearts of his foster family by simply being a ‘sweet’ and ‘wonderful’ boy with ‘sooooo much love to give’. And another heart throb was our old Rodney boy, securing a place in his foster family’s hearts forever – Keep your eyes peeled for a special write up on Rodney, from one of our sweet KGR fans.

We hope that you all have had a fantastic weekend and we hope to see you all soon at our next upcoming events! Keep up-to-date with what’s happening, by checking out the website and our KGR Facebook page.

xoxo Much Love & Paw Prints xoxo

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