Jill & Casey – Adoption Success!

This is the story of one of our KGR Adopters, Jill, and her experience of taking on the wonderful Casey, who was in need of a forever home!

How did it all start? Back in December, we decided to adopt a Greyhound after unfortunately losing our elderly cat. Years ago we had St Bernards so were well used to tall specialist dogs! After researching everything we could about Greys and speaking to local Grey owners, the decision was made to give one a much needed forever home.

Initially, we had looked at some of the smaller black female Greys on the KGR website, but everything soon changed when Casey came out of the kennels on viewing day! He just looked as though he carried the weight of the world on his stunning head, all sad and worried! One of the KGR Volunteers, Tina, thought he would suit us perfectly! He was 4yrs old, laid back and docile, with striking black and white markings – what a catch!

Casey was not without issues. He had been re-homed twice and returned twice, as sadly he was misunderstood in these placements. He was also very reluctant to walk! You’d be surprised that for such fast runners, sometimes just getting Greys to walk can be the biggest hurdle! They are lazy lumps a lot of them and would much prefer a sofa to snuggle on for the afternoon! Despite all of this, I just knew we could work with him, especially with our lifestyle circumstances. Casey had also come from being in foster, so he was house-trained and used to living at home, which was a plus. With some added kindness, patience and firmness, along with consistency, he soon improved.

After a month of dedication, Casey learned to trust us and started to enjoy his walks, realising his world now was a much better place than when racing! He is now a very different dog; happy, confident and settled into his little routine. He has his own sofa (luxury!) and I must admit, he is very spoilt! And now, he even LOVES walking on his lead!

My family and I simply adore Casey! It brings us much joy watching his character shine through. Casey draws attention wherever he goes and is admired by everyone we meet in Tenterden. He has a positive attitude towards other dogs, people and children and loves a big old fuss and cuddle!

I must say, Greys really are the perfect pet and companion. It’s surprising just how quickly they get under your skin! It is a privilege to own a Grey and to be able to give a hound a forever home. I would urge anyone thinking about fostering / adopting a Greyhound to get in contact with us at KGR and keep an eye out for more stories being uploaded to our blog! It’s great to be able to share our own real-life experiences with you all!

KGR Adopter – Jill T

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