SOS – Lurcher Starter Pack

Speaking from her own experience, one of our KGR Volunteers, Michele, has put together this handy list to get you ready for life with a Lurcher! This is a light-hearted, tongue-in-cheek post, based on Michele’s experience following adopting the lovely Becky. It is meant to be taken in good humour, so we wish you lots of laughs along the way. We are sure Michele has had plenty!

Congratulations, you’re adopting a Lurcher! Of course you’ll be needing all the essential items such as raised feeders, a double-ended halti lead, a muzzle, a thick collar, a harness and pet insurance…but have you thought about acquiring these too? The following 10 additional items are definitely worth considering before you welcome that newly adopted Lurcher into your home:-

  • A dog bed – This is for you to sleep in, as your Lurcher will be occupying your bed, sofa and every other soft surface. You will be sleeping under the stairs!
  • Alcatraz style fencing – Lurchers don’t just lurch – they also bound, dig, hop and climb. In fact, I’d say they are closely related to the kangaroo. These professional escape artists will think nothing of bouncing over fences to get at delicious cats. Make sure your fences are at least 60ft high and that you have a reliable and sturdy garden gate too, otherwise you could find that your Lurcher has left your garden and sprinted into the next county, in the time it took you to make a cup of tea.
  • A cast-iron lid for your laundry basket – A large, heavy pan-lid will do, or a manhole cover. Basically, anything to prevent your Lurcher from ferreting through your dirty clothes and making off with sweaty gym-socks.
  • Instagram – Hounds are very photogenic, especially the hairy ones (just check HRH Dora – she probably has a bigger following than Kimmy K!). You will not be able to resist taking hundreds of photos every day. All your friends, colleagues and acquaintances are naturally on the edge of their seats waiting for the next upload. It’s very important to keep them updated.
  • An acceptance of your own lack of dignity – Lurchers and greyhounds are big dogs with pointy noses. Any ideas what this might mean? Basically, every visitor to your home will be sniffed in inappropriate places, as you nervously laugh it off. You will also find yourself saying things like this in public: “Good girl! Good wee-wee!” or “LEAVE IT — Drop that sandwich!” You may as well come to terms with your own loss of dignity now.
  • A stern look – You can use this on your Lurcher when you suspect they are contemplating mischief. You can also use this on members of the public who say things like, “Lovely fast-looking dog, do you race her?” (cue stern look, or eye roll)!
  • A piggy bank or glass jar – To put a pound into for every time you have to explain something regarding your dog. Here’s one explanation to the family; “Yes it’s normal for Lurchers to sleep 22 hours a day, on their backs, legs in the air, tongue hanging out (see cover photo). No the dog isn’t dead. Yes you can take her pulse if you’d rather be sure”.
  • Gin – See Point 7 above. Once you have saved enough coins you can treat yourself to a bottle of gin and some tonic (or you could just drink it neat – however, responsible drinking is advised!).
  • Eyes in the back of your head – Very useful for keeping watch over your loveable houndly rogue when your back is turned. Speak to your optician about getting these installed.
  • A sense of humour – Not compulsory but advised. If you don’t have one of these, and have no plans to develop one, then good luck!

All jokes aside, Lurchers are fun, loving, intelligent hounds who will keep you active and on your toes! Up for the well-worth-it challenge? Visit our ‘Hounds Needing Homes’ page.

Michele – Adopted Parent to Becky Lurcher

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