What is your Global Pawprint?

What is your global pawprint?

Did you know that traditional meat farming literally costs the earth?
Global experts all agree that insects could be the key to ending world hunger and reducing our carbon pawprint.  Yoga have produced the worlds most sustainable cat and dog food.  Impressed so far?  – read on to see how you can help the environment and support animal welfare.

The Science Part.

From the land and energy needed to grow animal feed, to the methane, antibiotics and waste going into our rivers and air it is clear that one of the best things we can do for the environment is reduce the amount of meat we can consume.  We may not do it, but all know we should.  As humans we may find the idea of eating bugs weird – our dogs don’t care – they just know it’s tasty.
Humans can live without meat but the experts will say that cats and dogs need animal protein. So Yoga set out to find a protein source with all the goodness of traditional meat and fish, without the cost to the planet.
The environmental impact of producing 10kg of protein is massively reduced from beef to chicken and then reduced again for grubs.   The chart shows the land use, greenhouse emissions and water use based on producing 10kg of protein.

Yora Grubs

Insects aren’t a lesser substitute for meat. They are actually more nutritious – the grubs sole biological purpose is to break down organise matter and covert it into useful proteins and fats which they then store away in their bodies.  They are more digestible than chicken and hypoallergenic – so ideal for dogs with allergies.
The grubs are raised on clean leftover vegetable matter that would otherwise go uneaten. They grow incredibly quickly, in fact a teaspoon of their eggs turns into 100Kg of tasty nutritious grubs in just 2 weeks. And there is no need for growth hormones or antibiotics.
They are farmed in spotlessly clean and efficient high tech vertical farms and as you can see, from the chart in the photograph, that they only use a fraction of the resources of traditional livestock.

Yora food

Its not just grubs – the food is nutritionally complete and includes oats, potato, parsley,beetroot, seaweed and glucosamine and Chondroitin for joint care.  The ingredients added siply don’t require as much energy and water to produce.
Apparently us humans will be eating bugs as normally as we eat any other food in 10 years time.  The younger generation especially are expected to have no problem with grub comusption.   And predictions showing that insect based human food market with grow significantly over the coming years so the reasearch is there – we just all ned to be doing our but for the enviromnet and for animal welfare – and least try it.
The taste test!
We tested the product on our dogs – and yes they loved it.    We don’t stock it because we cannot post 12kg bags but you can find the stockists on their website.

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