Greyhounds & Stealing Food

Greyhounds And Stealing Food

Your new greyhound can AND will steal food – anything that is left out is fair game.  He is not being naughty, and it helps to understand his background to appreciate why.

Until recently your greyhound had only even been fed when someone opened his kennel door and given him a bowl of food.  This may have been the bare minimum to keep him going, especially if he wasn’t still racing. Therefore food has a very high value to your new dog – and he probably didn’t have a lot else to look forward to.

To your new dog – all food is his – because previously all food was his.  Food left out in the past was always for him.   But stealing food is also in their DNA! And because they are tall and quick – it’s easy for them.

Stealing usually diminishes over time but the easiest way to stop it is to tidy up – don’t leave food on the surfaces.

If your dog does steal something – unless its potentially a danger to him – NEVER challenge him.  Use distraction techniques – (toys, other treats) and when he drops what he has stolen, praise him and give him the distraction.  If you challenge your dog – he may growl and/or snap at you – and they you will probably want to return him to the rescue, eve though you were at fault.

The best and easiest way to teach him not to steal – is to be tidy.  Hide all food away.