KGR Puppies Are You Up For the Challenge?

KGR Puppies Are You Up For the Challenge? 

On Wednesday of this week it was National Puppy Day. Generally speaking as a rescue we don’t have small 8 week old pups, however in the past we have had puppies from around 3 months but this is rare. We will have a 6 month old girl arriving in the next couple of weeks so keep a look out for her!

The dogs that arrive with us and that are classed as puppies normally are non- chasers or injured, damaged dogs. (There’s been a few leg deformities in the past that needed putting right!)

A greyhound matures anytime between 15 months until about 2 years old. They can be quite ‘adolescent’ when under 2 years of age so their behaviour can be very different to an older greyhound. They will have more energy than an adult greyhound and sometimes push the boundaries just like teenage kids!
If you look past this and are after a greyhound that will be into all sorts of mischief and lots of fun we have a few puppies in the rescue at present. Sometimes they can be cat workable also due to the fact they haven’t raced. However just because they live with your cat doesn’t mean they won’t chase a neighbours cat or the cat across the street, they are a sight hound after all! Some greyhounds and cats can become best friends so here are our current puppies:

  • Gober is 19 months old now. He currently lives with a cat. He lives with a lurcher and another greyhound, is housetrained and he can be left for about 3 hours if you work up to it over time. You could try crate training to help with this maybe using a stuffed Kong. He has had surgery on his front leg but can still manage fine with a walk of about an hour, he may limp a little if he’s been running around like a nutter but soon recovers. He LOVES pottering in the garden and a cuddle on the sofa, in fact he loves being with people. Just because he is a puppy reaching teenage years he probably would be better with experienced owners.
  • Logan has grown into a big 31kg boy. He also had surgery on his front leg a few months ago but has recovered well, he’s a bouncy, playful lad who will make you laugh with his funny ways . He is living in a foster home in Maidstone and enjoys walking locally now his leg has healed. He will be best with steady walks  rather than long treks. He does love to play with his toys in the garden and then snuggles on the sofa with you. He celebrated his first birthday in February so he’s very much still a puppy!
  • Foley is a new lad who has only been here for a couple of weeks. He’s a nervous boy at present but the change to his life has been huge since he arrived. Probably from a rural location in Ireland to a life where he’s seen traffic, people, houses, children and other shaped dogs for the first time. He’s only 17 months old and will flourish once given a loving caring home.
  • Davie is a big lad but he is absolutely lovely. He is cat workable if you follow our guidelines. He is 2 at the end of April so only just scrape’s into our puppy category. He is still a young daft dog.
  • Clive is a very stunning blue brindle. He’s another big plodder but that means he’s great to walk. He will be 2 in May and will be a total love bug with the right home. Clive is just made for loving.
  • Trevor is only 19 months old and also a lovely boy. He’s very handsome, has never raced and is also cat workable providing you follow the guidelines we give you. He’s only been here a couple of weeks so more details will appear on our website and Facebook page shortly.

If you are up to the challenge, and please think seriously as puppies are not laid back lazy greyhounds, have a look at each dogs profiles on our website