Everyone loves Jake

Jake has now found his forever home but it took a while to find the right person who would understand Jake is a delicate little flower, who floats through life thinking everyone finds him irresistible.  His head is full of fluffy clouds and unicorns, so he needed a really calm and confident owner.  It is partly true that people adore him – Jake has a huge fan club but he also has a huge sense of fabulousness – we think Jake knows he is a pedigree show greyhound and not just a racing greyhound.  In his head he was born special, so he has to be treated as special.

Jake managed to have an accident and loose a toe – but it was worth it for all the nurse cuddles from the lovely ladies at Pets 4 Vets, Sturry Road, Canterbury.

Show greyhounds are quite rare and should not end up in rescues yet we have had at least 10 over the years.