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JACKSON – The Plight Of A Rescue Dog


Sometimes we get asked why not all of our dogs are greyhounds bearing in mind we are predominately a greyhound rescue. Well we often get approached by other rescues or the dog pound with desperate cases of dogs needing help. Dogs that often nobody else will touch due to the injuries, looks or health of the dog.
We try to help these dogs and a great example of this was Jackson.

Jackson was in a very sorry state when he arrived. He needed to have part of his tail amputated, his front feet needed an operation plus some of his teeth needed removing. He was filthy and had ear problems to add to his suffering. He was very underweight and after various tests it was discovered he had Cushings Disease.  It was obvious he had been used and abused.


Jackson when he first arrived.


Despite the pain he was in, Jackson was a very very friendly boy. He would love to cuddle with you on the sofa and always drew lots of attention when he went to any events we were at. He was absolutely doted on by his foster family who spent loads of time with vet runs, treatments, house training, getting him to trust humans again and ready for a new home. It was an emotional roller coaster for them and for Jackson as it was often one step forward two steps back with this boy.

Jackson healing and learning to live again.


It sometimes takes time for the right home to come along and luckily for Jackson it has! He is now living the best life with lovely people who adore him.


Jackson in his new life.


Sadly there are many ‘Jackson’s’ out there, so when there is a desperate plea we like to try to help, knowing full well it’s not going to be easy, it will be expensive but for that dog it means hope.
Thank you to everyone that supports the charity in any way, through donations, purchases from the shop and even sharing posts on social media as it all helps the Jackson’s of the world find their rightful place…….eventually.