Covid 19 & Greyhound Rehoming.

Update 12th April  2021


The National lockdown has now ended an we can now expand our rehoming areas. This will apply until May 17th when we will hopefully have the restrictions lifted again.

Please think very carefully before applying.  We can only process a limited number of applications so we need you to be 100% committed and sure of your reasons for adopting.  If you aren’t, you take the chance away from another family.  

We are still unable to enter your property to carry out a home check and this does still cause us issues.  It means only our key volunteers can home check (to ensure we are fully compliant).  We will do our very best to look at applications from outside the area.


With the exception of rehoming Riber & Moher TOGETHER we can only accept rehoming applications if you live in:

  • Kent,
  • East Sussex,
  • London
  • Surrey
  • Essex ,  
  • South West,
  • Gloucester,
  • South Herts. 

For Riber & Moher – if you want to rehome them together – we will expand the area to anywhere Midlands and further south.

We still cannot guarantee we can proceed with your application – even in Kent. 

Once you have completed your application please do not chase us – we will get back to you but we are very busy.

When you submit your application please help us by bearing in mind the following:

  • We are a small team of 6 key volunteers, some of whom are isolating and some of whom have Covid. 
  • The good news is our volunteers have been working all over the holidays to clear the backlog. To help us please do not chase, as this just adds to the pressure and delays us further.
  • We are also volunteering within the government guidelines for keeping everyone safe. This means we can only use our key volunteers for home checks which in turn means we must restrict the areas we rehome to.
  • Please read the paragraph below which refers to your location. And remember we do want to find great homes for our dogs – we just need you to work with us and help us.

Can I still adopt a dog?

Our volunteers are all home based, so all adoption applications can be submitted and safely processed using Zoom if and when required.    

To save lives and help stop the spread of Covid 19 – the regulations state we are unable to do traditional style homechecks – which means, in some situations, we will be unable to home dogs.  We maybe unable to enter your home. If we do have to enter, strict protocols will be followed.

  • We now ask you to submit a video of your garden and property to us to reduce the amount of time spent at the home check.  This is to keep everyone safe.  Once you have reserved a dog we will then verify the video – this is similar to a homecheck but we do the talking over the phone and then do a socially distanced check.
  • However in certain circumstances, especially if we can access your garden without entering your home – we can use technology to overcome some of the issues. This also depends on your location, so please check below.
  • Each case is different so we will explain how we will proceed with your application once we call you.
  • If you already have a KGR dog and we do not have to homecheck you then please just email us and let us know which dog you are interested in.

Please note we cannot guarantee we will be able to proceed with your application as we MUST adhere to the rules.

What else do I need to know?

We do have to be mindful of distance from the foster home or kennels to the actual home so we would encourage you to look at suitable dogs near to where you live. We state the location of the foster home on the homing profile.

We will ask you to confirm that no member of your family, living at the property, is showing signs of having CV19.

We will arrange a pre agreed time in advance and practice good social distancing at all times.

Because of social distancing, it is also very difficult for us to cat test or assess our dogs with other dogs.

All of our dogs have arrived direct from the racing industry. They have no experience of living in a home and they have no met any young children (because of social distancing).

Can I foster a dog?

We currently accepting  new fostering applications but you must meet certain criteria.  We cannot process applications if you do not.

  • You MUST live in Kent.
  • No cats or children as our dogs are not assessed.
  • You must have a secure garden.
  • The only dogs needing foster homes are Tyrone, Popeye, Forte, Finn and Jeremy.

We understand people are often off work and looking to help so we would ask you check back as this may change as the rules change.

Can I dog walk at the kennels?

All activity at the kennels has ceased for all but essential key volunteers.  All of our dogs are safe, happy and well looked after.

What does this mean for KGR?

We are all volunteers so we have no staff costs to pay.  However, we do spend a huge amount of money each year on both kennelling and vet bills.  The funding for this mainly comes from adoption donations and our events (which have cancelled through to at least Summer 2021).  So, we have no event donation income for the foreseeable future.  There are no government grants available for animal charities.

How can I help KGR?

Our online shop is still open – we can run this safely.  We sell lots of dogs toys to keep your dog occupied and all profits from the shop (which is run by our volunteers) will help us pay our bills whilst we are unable to fundraise.  

If you are having a sort out and have items to sell – then you can do this on ebay and donates some or all of the proceeds to us.

If you are shopping online please select KGR as your chosen charity with Amazon Smile and Easyfundraising.

Or you can donate to us 

By paypal:

using the friends and family option – and address

By post to:

Kent Greyhound Rescue, New Pound Farm House, Newington, Kent. CT18 8AU.

Or into our bank account

HSBC – Kent Greyhound Rescue

Account Number 51597086

Sort Code 40 21 15

If you do donate please complete the gift aid form.

Going forward?

We do not know how long the regulations will stay in place and we have no control over the current situation

We are working very hard behind the scenes to make sure our dogs are well looked after and that as far as we can – we have business as normal.    We are also working hard to bring all the administration, governance and accounts forward so when we reopen we can just concentrate on the dogs.

If you have a KGR dog and you are struggling because of illness or incapacity please do contact us – we are here to help you.

Once the regulations are relaxed we will be back – in the meantime you can keep in touch and receive regular updates through our facebook page and our Instagram account.

Stay safe – and we will see you all soon.

The KGR Volunteer Team