Can galgos and podencos live as family pets?  They are both Spanish sighthounds used for hunting. These beautiful gentle hounds suffer needlessly in Spain at the end of the hunting season. Their keepers often kill them in gruesome and inhumane ways that are too distressing to detail on this website.

If you are interested in finding out more, please google “galgos in Spain” to find links to the various galgo welfare websites.

Galgos and Podencos make wonderful pets and most adapt to life in a home with ease.

Can they live with cats?

Most Spanish galgos and podencos can live happily with cats if you follow the guidance on our website.  The guidance explains how to introduce your new dog into the home, whilst keeping everyone safe. It really does work if you follow it and don’t take any short cuts.  

Can they live with children?

It is really difficult to assess dogs to live with young children when they have come from a non home environment, for example the dog pound or direct from a hunter.  KGR only rehome adult dogs to families with children over the age of 10. But some of the specific galgo and podenco rescues do not have an age limit.

What is the difference between a galgo and a podenco?

In general galgos tend to be more greyhound like (laid back and lazy) and podencos more lurcher like (full of fun for the more active family). 

Some podencos can be really quite small and very cute!  (small, as in jack russell size).

Can I rehome one through KGR?

We often have Spanish galgos and podencos looking for homes. But there are many rescues based in either Spain or the UK who specialise in both breeds, and they always have lots to choose from.

The Spanish rescues also export the dogs for rehoming to USA, Italy, Germany, France and other European countries.  So, if you live in one of the countries and are interested in adopting a sighthound.  It may be a good idea to contact some of the Spanish Rescues.

Everyone at Kent Rescue Rescue is a volunteer.  Did you know we have an online shop?  The shop sells everything you could need for your greyhound, lurcher, whippet, podenco or galgo.  We can ship overseas.  But you will need to send the order to us by email.  You can do this here – email us.

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