Greyhounds As Pets.  Why are they so amazing?

Greyhounds make fantastic pets and the growing number of greyhound owners is testament to the wonderful nature of the breed. Lots of people now adopt a greyhound because they have met one owned by a neighbour, friend or relative and come to us once they are in a position to adopt. If you are still unsure about the breed, why not come along to one of our events and meet one – the dogs are their own best advertisement.

Most of the KGR greyhounds arrive via the dog pound.  They have been abandoned by their owner/trainer when they are no longer serving a purpose and can be as young as 12 months old.  We assess all of the greyhounds before finding them a new pet home, but we cannot guarantee their temperament in their new home, as dogs very much react to their surroundings and will for example behave differently in a calm foster home to a noisy forever home. 

Exercise Requirements. Did You Know Greyhounds Are Lazy Pets?

Greyhounds love nothing more than spending their days sleeping on your sofa if allowed! A couple of 30 minute walks a day are usually plenty for your average lazy greyhound. If you choose to adopt a younger greyhound then they will usually require more exercise. A longer walk during the week is also good for them, and they love the chance to have a good run around too – although you must be sure they’re in a safe, enclosed area.

There are one or two significant differences to be remembered. Greyhounds are sighthounds and their schooling for the track teaches them to chase small furry animals.  When you first adopt your pet greyhound, it’s advisable to keep him on a lead when outside until you are absolutely certain that, firstly your dog will come back to you, and secondly, it will not chase other people’s small pets. This is not as difficult as it sounds. Greyhounds are a dream on the lead as they are so well mannered and rarely pull. With love and patience your dog will soon learn on which side his bread is buttered, and will only want to please you

Greyhounds and Children

Greyhounds are good pets to have around children since they are generally of a gentle and placid nature. As with all breeds, common sense and adult supervision is advised.  If you have children at home or children who visit frequently, please read our section on greyhounds and children before applying to adopt.

Can Greyhounds As Pets Live With Cats

Another widely held myth is that they can’t co-habit with smaller furries like cats. This is not always the case and in this respect they are no different to any other rescue dog. However, there are certain aspects of owning both greyhounds and small furries that need to be taken into account. By talking to a Greyhound-specific rescue, like us, you can be sure that the re-homing volunteers will be able to advise you on whether a particular hound will be suitable to live with cats or other small furries. They will also give you advice on making sure the introduction goes as smoothly as possible. We do not rehome to families with both children and cats. The dogs are rarely cat friendly, they are just deemed to be cat workable.  To make them cat safe takes commitment, time and effort and when you have children it is difficult to fit the training in around family life.  Please see the section on greyhounds and cats for more information.

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