• In Foster In Sydenham (SE London)
  • Greyhound
  • Male
  • 2 Years Old
  • Laid Back & Lazy

Bandit is an adorable young black greyhound. He is a little shy when he first meets you and is nervous of quick movements, but he quickly gets more confident and enjoys being cuddled.

When he had settled in to his new home he is sure to be a comedian, enjoying playing with toys and larking around with his family.

He is two years old, so no longer a puppy and we would expect him to cope with being left for a few hours, especially if the time is built up over a week or two. He shares a kennel happily with another hound of a similar age and will be able to live with other dogs. A doggy friend will probably help him get used to life in a home, but he can live alone provided his owners are patient and slowly get him used to new experiences. He would prefer not to live in a busy town centre, but would cope with most other environments.

He is such a sweet boy and oh so pretty.

He can live with children over 10 years old. If you have children please read our section on children and hounds.

If you have children please read our section on children and hounds.

This lovely dog has a pet passport.

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Please make sure you are in a position to adopt a dog, before completing the online adoption form. We are unable to hold onto dogs for more than a few days, once you have passed your homecheck.

We do rehome throughout the UK, so long as you are prepared to travel to meet the dog within a few days of applying for him and then again to adopt him, once you have passed your homecheck.

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