Blanquita is a beautiful,  dainty Spanish Galgo, a breed of sighthound often used for hunting in Spain. They are frequently kept in appalling conditions and subjected to cruelty,  abuse and abandonment. Similar to Greyhounds in many ways, Galgos also have their own very particular characteristics. Lively and even playful at times, they are gentle and affectionate companions who bond closely with their humans.

Almost a year ago, Blanquita was rescued from a very difficult set of circumstances which had left her emaciated, and very unwell.  Through the kindness and support of a Spanish rescue team, she became strong enough to travel to the UK where she is now in foster, waiting for her forever home.

Blanquita is a gentle, timid girl, whose past has left her slightly wary of new people, although she is affectionate with those she knows.    She is really good with other dogs, including non-sighthounds and is looking for a home with another dog to help build her confidence.  She will need owners who are around a lot and who will help her get used to her new life in a very different environment.

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