Dave is a fabulous dog – he is an ex travellers dog and he seems to be well socialised around people.  Like all young lurchers he does need active owners who will enjoy walking him and training him so he can run about in the park with his doggie friends.  He would also make a great running partner for canicross – but what he wants most is a family who are around a lot of them time and who will give him what he needs.

Dave is going into a foster home for 2 weeks over Christmas where he will be living with cats, so we will be able to assess his potential.

Dave has a lovely friendly nature – he has met children and all he wanted to do was play and cuddle.  He has also met other breeds of dog including small ones and he is fine with all of them.

Dave is a saluki x lurcher – so you will need a fully secure garden with at least a 6 foot fence all of the way around. Sal;uki lurchers are in general smart, active and if they have been a working dog they will not understand boundaries (e.e. your garden fence) – you will need to make sure you train your dog not to go walkabout (they are not being naughty – that is just the life they used to live).

Dave is not cat tested.

If you have children please read our section on children and hounds.

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