Domi is a very sweet galgo who has lived all of her life on the streets in Spain – the dogs have a horrible time in Spain yet they forgive and forget and manage to easily change into sweet and easygoing family pets.

Domi will be no exception.  She is just the gentlest little thing and needs lots of TLC to bring her up to a good weight.  She is already really cuddly and we just know there is lots more to come.

It’s really hard to believe that Domi is 9 years old.  She certainly does not feel like an older lady and she will still want plenty of exercise and play fun games.  She needs a reasonably fit owner for plenty of nice walks.  She can pull on the lead if a rabbit surprises her and we can’t wait to see her relax when she realises food is always delivered in a bowl – every day!  Domi has lived with a cat in her foster home in Spain and she can live with them again if you followour guidance.

She is quite a small girl and very pretty indeed.

Domi has a pet passort.

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