Handsome Duncan is still waiting for love.  He has been in his foster home for quite a few weeks now and his family have loved having him.  He loves them, in fact he loves everyone!

Duncan is focused on fun.  He is not the usual snoozey hound and you are more likely to have a soggy toy in your lap than a sleepy head. Duncan likes to know what is going on, be completely involved in family life, and does his best to be everyone’s best boy.

Duncan doesn’t have good keyboard skills (by which we mean opposable thumbs) so we would like to pass on his important rehoming questions. It’s not an exam, but no test should be taken lightly.

1. Do you have space (on your sofa/ in your car/dreams) for a new man/brother/friend in your life?

2. Do you like playing with toys?

3. Will I be the only dog in the house and therefore get all the cuddles?

4. Do you like playing with toys?

5. Can I come upstairs if I don’t want to be alone?

6. Do you like playing with toys?

7. Will you keep brushing me because I am very proud of my lovely shiney black coat?

Duncan is getting much better at approaching and passing other dogs and will need to keep practicing. A confident and supportive foster family really have helped him.

Some dogs just fill your heart without trying.

Duncan has a pet passport.

Duncan seems to like children but we think he deserves to be an only child.

Ready to adopt Duncan?

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