Frank is a dog that has never been loved.  It is the one to one contact he finds hard and we think he has just been chased to the back of a kennel and ignored when he wasn’t working.

He doesn’t understand scratches and cuddles and treats. He is learning though and every day he can do a little bit more. He is scared of humans, not the world (he loves his walks), so he will definitely recover with some time and a loving family.  In fact he is recovering already.  He doesn’t freeze and shake when he is stroked anymore and does daft playing when no one is looking.

Out on the lead Frank is a really nice dog to walk. So far he has not reacted to any dogs, small animals, vehicles or even people. He marches along with a really fast walk and seems to really enjoy it.

He loves his food and treats are the way to his heart.

He seems happy to be left alone, and he is clean in the house. We feel it would be best if he lived with another dog, but this would not be essential if his family are around a lot of the time.

Because the bonding process is so important to him, it would be lovely to see him settled with his new family so life can properly start. We can’t properly see his personality yet, but so far he has been the very gentlest of dogs and there is definitely a cheeky something in there too!

Frank has a pet passport.

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