When Maura arrived, she looked like a dog who was exhausted from her previous life.  She didn’t do a lot of formal racing but she has been very busy –  she may have raced on the other types of tracks or been used for working.  She has also had quite a few puppies.  However, after only a short time in her foster home, Maura has blossomed into a really gorgeous dog. Inside the home, she is affectionate and cuddly – she is very people focused – she loves her humans and wants to be close to them as much as possible. She also loves being outside, enjoys going on walks, taking in her surroundings, watching the world go by.  Maura is a sweet natured, easy going dog who now has a spring in her step.  She really just wants a home where she can enjoy the life she has never had, where she will be taken on lovely walks and then come home to relax, rest and have lots of love, good food and a cosy warm bed.  If you feel you have a Maura shaped hole in your life please get in touch to meet this wonderful lady.

Maura needs to be an only dog.  She is fine with dogs outdoors – but she wants all the cuddles and attention indoors.

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