Oscar Octopus

  • In Foster Nr Hythe
  • Lurcher
  • Male
  • 1 Year Old
  • Active Home Needed

Oscar has been living in a local home where he was very much loved and great with the young family.  But they are a busy family with young children, and as it was difficult to find time for him for they felt it would be best for Oscar to find a new home. Oscar has never known anything but love in his life – everyone around him has always loved him – so he is one big soppy lump.

Oscar goes to doggie day care 3 times a week and he is lovely with the other dogs. He is sometimes a little too enthusiastic but this is because he is so happy to have lots of new friends.

The behaviorist at the dog school (and all the staff) think he is a fabulous dog who has amazing potential.  He really is just a big cuddle monster.

Oscar is very affectionate and super friendly – he is still quite shy in the outside world as he has lead quite a sheltered life but we feel with some socialisation he will be fine. Every time we take him out he comes on in leaps and bounds – always with a cheeky smile on his face.

Oscar is really good with other dogs – he goes to doggie day care where he plays with all sorts of dogs every day and he really enjoys it.

He is a big handsome boy who will make a stunning – fabulous pet.  He needs active owners who will enjoy playing with him and well as walking him.  He adores playing with balls and toys and generally mucking about in the garden.

Oscar can live with other children – he is good with children but because of his size and age – he may knock young children over.

If you have  children please read our section on children and hounds.

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