We often get asked how long you will have a foster dog for.  There is no answer to this, as fostering can be either until we find the dog the forever home he deserves or for just a few days or weeks to cover holidays etc.

Fostering can be a very rewarding experience, especially with a dog which has come straight from the race track as you help him acclimatise to home life.  Some dogs will have never seen a house before and will be afraid of the TV, washing machine, vacuum etc.  They will need calm friendly reassurance to get them through the early days. Some dogs will have already been living with a family who can no longer keep them.  All they need is to be loved again!

We pay for all approved veterinary treatment and provide food, bedding etc if you need it.  You will need to pass a homecheck prior to fostering and we will then try to match your family up with a suitable dog so make the fostering experience as enjoyable as possible.  All we ask of you is that you treat the dog as if he is a member of your own family and allow potential adopters to come and visit him. Please remember that fostering is a way for you to help KGR and our dogs - it is not a way for the family to have a trial with the dog or to see if they want to adopt a dog.  If you are unsure if the dog is the right one for you, then fostering will not give you the answer.  Please see our Q&As in the Dogs & Adoption section for more information.

You do need to sign and fostering agreement which prohibits you from letting the dog off a lead and asks you to keep him muzzled at all times in a public place. This has nothing to do with the temperament of the dog, but is a condition of our liability insurance and it protects KGR. 

If you are interested in fostering please contact us and we will send you a copy of our fostering information pack and application form..

Lots of people have gone on to keep their foster dog and become a member of the KGR FFC - Failed Fosterers Club.  Please note that you do still need to adopt the dog and make a donation, if you decide to keep him.

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