Greyhounds frequently get corns and no one really understand why.

There are 2 theories: The first is that it is related to greyhound racing and the weight they put on some of their pads more than others – but there have been cases where non racing dogs have developed corns on each pad.   The other theory is that the corns are a result of a virus.   Whatever  the reason is for your dog developing corns, the problem and the cures are the same.

There are various methods to remove corns and surgery should be a last resort.  Hulling corns is often recommended but corns can and do grow back.  Some non evasive methods of removing corns are as follows:

A new treatment is now being used with good results.  The vet uses a lazer to “kill off” the corn.  The cost at Cinque Port Vets in Ashford or Lydd is around £140 for 6 sessions, and there is no surgery or pain involved.  We have only just heard of the lazer treatment so not all vets may be able to offer it, but it is worth asking your vet and giving it a go.

Lots of people have experienced good results with homeopathic medicine.  Indeed one of our KGR dogs was greatly helped using Lori Rose on his 8 corns – she dispenses both homeopathic tablets and an ointment to massage into the pad.  

Burts Bees balm is also good to use on the pads – gently rub it into the affected area.  

Bizarrely gaffa tape also works – but just the silver one – you need to place a piece on the corn and leave for around 6 days.  When removed gently file down the corn.  

Finally try an epsom salts soak for 10 minutes twice a day.   All of the above ultimately soften the pad which helps the corns.  

If you dog cannot walk then try Therapaws Boots.

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