Please don’t leave your greyhound (or any pet) alone during fireworks or storms as they can be terrified of loud noises.

Bonfire night now seems to run over several weeks and is not just on the 5th November, so it may be a good idea to ask your neighbours if they are planning a firework display and if so when, so you can be prepared. Above all you need to keep calm and not fuss your greyhound if he is nervous or scared.  Take him out for his walk before dusk then come home, draw all the curtains and put the television on a little louder than normal.

When the noise starts your greyhound will look to you to see how you are responding – just act as though nothing is happening.

If you dog is particularly nervous you could try using a DAP diffuser. This is a plug in device that emits “dog appeasing pheromones” similar to those produced soon as puppies are born by their mother.  They create a safe feeling and are very effective.  They are available from vets, online or from pet shops and cost around £20.  Zyklene tablets are also good are reducing stress over the fireworks period – they are available online and are a herbal based tablet aimed at reducing anxiety in dogs.

CDs are available which imitate the noise of fireworks and can be played at a low level for a few weeks prior to the firework season. You will need to gradually turn up the volume, which should allow your greyhound to become used to noise before the real fireworks start.

As at last resort if your greyhound is suffering, then you could seek medication from your vet. But this is a short term solution that will just help your greyhound cope for a few hours during the worst of the noise.

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