Puppies stay with their mother for 8 weeks then usually stay with its littermates until they are around 5 months old.  At this stage they learn to play and chase and develop muscle.  They are then grouped into pairs and spend more  time being trained.

At around 12 months old he will be moved to a training kennels where he is introduced to the racing environment.  A few months later he will be taken to the tracks a few times a week, to be trained to be a racing greyhound.

At between 16-18 months he will be entered into preliminary races, then moved onto maiden races if he does well. If the greyhound does not do well at any stage he will be retired.

Racing greyhounds normally race a couple of times a week.  When they are not racing they spend their time in their kennel.

Your greyhound can be retired at any stage before he becomes a fully fledged racing greyhound.  This is why so many greyhounds are under 3 years old when they are looking for a new home.  In general they are sent to the dog pound in Ireland to await their fate.  They lucky ones are rescued and rehomed by charities independant of the racing industry

You can usually trace your greyhounds racing history from his ear tattoos.  If you know the racing name of your greyhound, or you can read his ear tattoos, you can look up his racing history on www.greyhound-data.com

You can also telephone the stud book who are usually very helpful and can trace your greyhounds past from the ear tattoos..

If you dog has tattoos in both ears he is Irish and you will need to call the Irish Stud Book on +44 (0) 0353 52 6188 504  The coursing club’s link to trace lineage is www.igb.ie

If your dog only has tattoos in his right ear, he is English and you will need to call the English Stud Book on +44 (0) 1638 667381.

How old is my Greyhound?

Irish dogs have 2 letters in the right ear and 3 letters in the left ear.  The first letter of the tattoo in the right ear establishes the year your greyhound was born in.

English Dogs   VX 2013       UV 2012    TU 2011   ST 2010    RS 2009    QR 2008   PQ 2007    NP 2006    LM 2005    JKL 2004    HIJ 2003   DEH 2002   ABD 2001   ZA 2000 

Irish Dogs  R 2016 Q 2015  P 2014  N  2013   M  2012 L   2011 K  2010 J  2009 I   2008 H  2007   E 2006 D 2005 B  2004 A  2003 Z  2002 Y  2001

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