A New Start

At KGR we like to believe that our dogs have a new start and we are happy for them to leave their racing career behind.

We do understand, however, that some new owners might be interested  in their dogs  racing past and we will provide their racing name if we  know it.

What you can discover about your dogs racing history.

Not all greyhounds have had a racing career at all.  The extent of overbreeding of greyhounds was exposed by an RTE documentary in 2019.  The documentary called ‘Greyhounds Running for their Lives’ was based on a report commissioned by the industry itself and revealed that up to 6000 Irish greyhounds were being killed each year for not being fast enough.  The number killed in England is unknown.

Many dogs are deemed useless before they even begin a racing  career.  As a result many of our young dogs do not appear on on-line databases.

The main on-line resource for tracing your dogs history is known as Greyhound Data (www.greyhound-data.com).  If your dog has been included on the database you can discover his:

  • Racing Name
  • Racing Record
  • Littermates
  • Family Tree

The search can be done using your dogs racing name (if you know it) or his ear tatoos.

You can also try calling the English Stud Book (on 01787 212381) or the Irish Stud Book (00 353 5222611) to continue your search.

Irish dogs have tatoos in both ears and English bred dogs have tatoos in only one ear.  Most KGR dogs are from Ireland.  For Irish dogs the first letter in their right ears tells you the year they  were born:

K 2010;  L 2011;  M 2012;  N2013;  P2014;  Q2015;  R2016;  S2017;  T2018;  U 2019;  V 2020; X 2021;  Y 2022;  Z  2023.


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