Fleece PJs Greyhounds

From: £16.50

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Fleece PJs Greyhounds

From: £16.50

Fleece house coats are great for chilly but dry days outside or for using as a housecoat/pj’s.



If your dog will not settle at night, it could be that they are feeling the cold and need a fleece. They are also great for spring and autumn walks when it is just a little cold outside or as an extra layer if it really cold.

These cosy coats are available in a wide range of colours and sizes. They are machine washable. To determine the size you require, measure your dog from the base of his neck to the top of his tail (so the whole length of his back) and the size is then the length in inches, so if his back is 28 inches long – he is a normally a size 28. But these coats are very generous so you need to size down – so if your dog is 28 inches along the back please order a size 26.  As a rough guide:

  • Size 32 for the very large male greyhound
  • Size 30 for your average male greyhound
  • Size 28 for smaller male or normal female greyhound
  • Size 26 is for a smaller female greyhound or larger lurcher
  • we sell smaller sizes in the Fleece PJs whippet & lurcher section
  • Size 24 is for a smaller lurcher or larger whippet
  • Size 22 is for a whippet, very small lurcher of puppy.
  • Size 20 is for a small whippet or puppy


Additional information

Weight N/A

26, 28, 30, 32


All Black, Black with Red Trim, Black with Yellow Trim, Blue with Black Trim, Blue with Red Trim, Bright Pink with Black Trim, Green with Black Trim, Green with Yellow Trim, Lilac with Black Trim, Navy Blue with Black Trim, Navy Blue with Red Trim, Pink with Red Trim, Purple with Black Trim, Red with Black Trim, Red with Blue Trim

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