GorPets Squirrel And Rabbit Toys

GorPets Squirrel And Rabbit Toys


Grey rabbit,  squirrel, bdger and racoon dog toys made by Gor Pets.



GorPets Squirrel And Rabbit Toys

Which greyhound or lurcher wouldn’t want his very own squirrel and rabbit in their bed – These fabulous toys are made by Gorpets   Also available – raccoons and badgers for the more adventurous hound!

A realistic selection of beautifully made soft toys inspired by nature. Added scream and squeak make it fantastic fun for your dog!   Or if you are a lazy greyhound just use it as a cuddle cushion and dream about chasing squirrels.

Before we stock a range of toys we get our greyhounds and lurchers to test them – just to make sure the hounds approve – if they don’t like them – we simply don’t stock them.  Our dogs just love this furry family of wild animals.

If these rabbit and squirrel toys are not right for your dog – have you looked at all the other toy we sell in our online shop.

Everyone at Kent Greyhound Rescue is a volunteer so when you shop with us you really do help save lives.  We rehome around 200 greyhounds, lurchers and whippets each year. Plus some galgos, podencos and Romanian greyhounds.  The money raised from the shop helps pay our kennel bill and our vets bills.

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Rabbit, Squirrel, Racoon, Badger