Greyhound Collars

From: £9.99

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Greyhound Collars

From: £9.99

Greyhound collars – hand made by one of our KGR volunteers with great designs and materials.



These collars are made by one of our volunteers – they are all slightly different and we do sell out of them quickly.

Please remember not to rely on these collars alone and always use a harness in conjunction with them if out walking, especially if you have a strong minded squirrel hunter!

Flamingos – greyhound size – pink flamingos on one side with a grey/pink/yellow/blue pattern on the other.

Darkness Rises – greyhound size – with red webbing on half choke.

Christmas – greyhound size – white with Chirstmas trees and red webbing half choke.

Rainbow – smaller greyhound or lurcher size – webbing material collar.

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Darkness Rises, Flags, Pink Flamingos, Christmas Trees, Christmas Baubles, Rainbow

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