Greyhound Muzzle Leather Or Vegan

From: £8.00

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Greyhound Muzzle Leather Or Vegan

From: £8.00

A lightweight plastic muzzle available in a variety of colours for whippets, lurchers and greyhounds. See below for sizing.



It is not a legal requirement for a greyhound to wear a muzzle in public, but it is good practice. Greyhounds really do not mind wearing a muzzle and it shows you are a responsible owner. Until you fully understand your dog and how they interact with other animals, your dog should be muzzled.


Greyhound: approximately 9.5″ (240mm) from the tip of the nose to behind the ears.

Smaller muzzles are available – see Whippet Muzzles!  There is no size manufactured inbetween the whippet and greyhound muzzle i.e. for lurchers.  We use a greyhound muzzle on the vast majority of our lurchers.



Additional information

Weight 80 g

Black, Black Vegan No Leather, Blue, Green, Pink, Pink Vegan No Leather, Red, White

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