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Halti Double Training Lead


We highly recommend using a double ended lead with your dog – they have many uses including providing extra safety for your dog.



Halti Double Training Lead

We highly recommend using a halti double training lead with your dog. Especially if it is a new addition to your family or if it is nervous.  It can be used in conjunction with a cozy dog harness, giving you a lot more safety and security.

You attach one end to a correctly fitted collar and the other to the harness – then if the dog is spooked for any reason it is much more difficult for him to get out of his collar or harness as he is secured by both.

If you have a nervous or unsocialised greyhound you can read much more about what to do here

The lead is also a multi function lead designed by Dr Roger Mugford to control, guide and tether a dog in a variety of situations.  It can be used as an everyday lead or a specialist training tool for example recall training.  It is 2 meters long and double ended.

Everyone at Kent Greyhound Rescue is a volunteer so when you shop with us you really do help us save more lives.  Our shop helps fund the rescue and pay our kennel bills and vet bills.

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