Pyjamas by FuzzYard

Pyjamas by FuzzYard


These pyjamas come in lots of designs and are proving very popular, they are lovely for keeping the chill off.




Pyjamas by FuzzYard – everyone sighthound needs a pair but they are also suitable for any breed or type of dog.

Pyjamas, jimjams, jammies – call them what you want – they are fabulous and you know you want your greyhound in them.  These FuzzYard jammies are such good quality – super soft and stretchy so easy to put over over those long none bendy legs.  They have press studs at the chest and underneath for ease of getting on and off.  You can even get them on without disturbing your greyhounds sleep.

If your greyhound cannot settle at night or starts to wake up during the night it is very probably because he has started to get cold – if your heating goes off you are tucked up under a duvet but your dog is just in his bed as normal. Putting a fleece or pyjamas on your dog will keep him warm and help him settle.   Of course, you may think these are just too fabulous to hide away at night and you will not be alone putting them on your dog for a walk.

They are limited in size so the maximum size is 7.  This a 28 if you want them a inch before the top of his tail – or a 26 to fit over the tail.  We have some of the range in a six 6 which will fit a size 23 to 25.  You measure your dog from the bottom of his neck to the top of his tail (so the whole length of his spine where the coat will lie) – if this is 26 inches he is a 26.

You can choose from Sheepies, Bacon & Eggs, Doggoforce, Bedtime Milk & Cookies, Pizza or Spooky Ghost for Halloween.

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Counting Sheep Size 6, Counting Sheep Size 7, Bacon & Eggs Size 6, Bacon & Eggs Size 7, Doggoforce Size 6, Doggoforce Size 7, Spooky Ghost Size 6, Spooky Ghost Size 7, Pizza Size 7, Sleepy Time Milk & Cookies Size 6, Sleepy Time Milk & Cookies Size 7, Bed Bugs 7, Fuzz Bear 7