Rescued & Rehomed By KGR Jackets

Rescued & Rehomed By KGR Jackets


Rescued & Rehomed By KGR Jackets – help us find more great homes by popping one of these jackets onto your greyhound or lurcher.



Rescued & Rehomed By KGR Jackets

Now that you have rescued a KGR, you can really help us find more homes for our other dogs (and there are always so many waiting to come in) by popping an advertising coat on your dog.

They are such a great way for you to help us – and for your dog to help all the other dogs.  The coats simply say rescued and rehomed by Kent Greyhound Rescue – if people stop to ask you, just tell them to take a photo of the coat and to have a look at our website.  The photo is to remind them who we are!

They are all 1 size and will fit a greyhound or lurcher.  The coats are available in black with pink writing or blue with white writing.  The are light weight, comfortable to wear and machine washable.

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Black with pink, Blue with white