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Scrumbles Gnashers Dental Chews


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Scrumbles Gnashers dental chews have a specially formulated recipe to attack plaque and support healthy teeth and a hard texture. These dental chews will provide the crunch required to rub away plaque. Made with natural ingredients, our superfood ingredient Slippery Elm and proven ingredients that reduce plaque formation. Helping keep those pearly whites, white.

Dental health is essential for dogs and we always recommend a daily brushing to keep those pearly whites sparkling. Sometimes this can prove difficult so Scrumbles designed a clever dental treat for dogs, packed with natural ingredients, our super food ingredient Slippery Elm, and proven ingredients that reduce plaque. Suitable for dogs with pancreatitis.  You can read more abour doggie dental care here

Soft chewy textures coat the teeth, so we’ve baked our Gnasher dental bones to deliver a crunch which will help scrape away plaque. We’re equally thoughtful about what goes into our dental chews. Gently baked with natural ingredients chosen for their benefits for the texture or specifically to help teeth. The ingredients include pumpkin seeds, coconut oil plus clinically proven sodium hexametaphosphate.

As with all our natural dog treats, healthy doesn’t mean boring. You dog will adore the taste and you can feel happy giving them something that’s tasty and will help keep their teeth healthy.

Packed with 7 for their daily requirement, we recommend feeding one dental chew a day to support your dog’s dental health. Go on give your dog a bone!

Please note the packaging is completely compostable, plastic free and recycles with your normal paper.

All our recipes come with approval from our own family pets, and are developed with nutritionists and approved by vets to conform to FEDIAF guidelines.

Scrumbles Gnashers Dental Chews – Ingredients


Sweet potato, Gram Flour, Cold pressed rapeseed oil, yeast extract, pumpkin seeds 2%, parsley, spinach 0.5%. sesame seeds 0.5%, coconut oil 0.1%, slippery elm 0.1%, sodium hexametaphosphate 0.1%, peppermint oil 0.05%

Analytical Constituents

Protein 10.2%, Fat Content 6.8%, Crude Fibre 3.3%, Inorganic Matter 5.7% Kcal/kg 337

We recommend feeding one dental chew to your dog daily to support their gnashers.

Each pack contains 7 dental bones.

Reduce their meal portion for breakfast, lunch and dinner accordingly.

Everyone at KGR is a volunteer. When you shop with us you really do hlp us save lives.

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