Small Dog Toys GorPets

Small Dog Toys GorPets


Our selection of smaller dog toys all made by Gor Pets.



Small Dog Toys for fun with your dog – for throwing and playing. Chose from a ball that giggles, a duck that quacks and the bunch family – tennis balls!


KONG Squeezz Jels Dog Toy are colourful, animal shaped toys that will bounce erratically when thrown.

Made from a durable non-toxic rubber, the fun characters are also easy to squeak and are great for both indoor and outdoor use. You cannot pick a colour – it will be chosen for you.

Key Benefits:

  • Colourful animal characters
  • Fun, erratic bounce when thrown
  • Made from a durable, non-toxic rubber
  • Great for indoor and outdoor use

Gor Toon Wave Head

This fabulous squeaky engaging toy from Gorpets is a super stretchy, durable wavy dog toy great for throwing and tugging, made with soft, tough latex. Available on blue or pink.  Size 30cms

  • This toy is designed to provide fun, stimulation and exercise for your dog.
  • It is durable but not indestructible. Remove all packaging.
  • Toy should be used under supervision.
  • Discard toy if it becomes damaged.
  • Made from non toxic material.

Quaking Duck

The small quacking duck is brilliant fun –  it quacks a few more times, after the dog has squeezed it, so they have such fun with the noise.  The duck is soft and cuddly.  Please do not leave your dog unattened with this toy  – the noise is created via an internal battery and wiring.

Meet The Gor Hugs Bunch Family

A happy family of canine fun, these toys are soft and light and just perfect for indoor games. These happy chaps have a hidden secret…. a tennis ball in their tummy, making them great for retrieval games. Made from soft plush fabrics they also have a squeaker in their head for double the fun. This family of friends consists of an elephant, pig, monkey and frog.  The dogs really like playtime with the bunch family as they throw, bounce and are grat for bringing back.

Small – 18cm
Large – 26cm

Have you seen our range doggie football toys – the Gor Pets Softball 

Everyone at KGR is a volunteer so whether you buy small dog toys from us, or anything else, you really do help KGR save more lives.

Additional information

Weight 120 g

Giggle Ball, Quacking Duck, Hugs Large Frog, Hugs Small Frog, Hugs Large Yellow Elephant, Hugs Small Yellow Elephant, Hugs Large Brown Monkey, Hugs Small Brown Monkey, Hugs Large Pink Pig, Hugs Small Pink Pig, Seamus The Sheep Danish Design, Kong Squeezz Jel Any Colour, Wave Head Gor Toons Pink, Wave Head Gor Toons Blue