Winter Coat - Camouflague


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Winter Coat – Camouflague


Fabulous stylish coats to keeps your dog warm.  Choose from either the traditional camo in dark green or a more fun camo in blue or red.



The coats are fleece lined to keep your dog warm, they are waterproof and they are washable.  They are available in size 26 – 32 but this is a new line we are trialling, so we do not have many of each in stock.  We mya not have the option to replace the stock in winter 2018.

The camo coats don’t have a slot for the harness/ lead to pull through.  But you can wear the harness over the top.

You need to measure your dog from the base of his neck to the start of his tail (so the whole length of his back) and in inches that is the size you need.  A rough guide is:

  • Size 30 is for a normal male greyhound
  • Size 28 is for a smaller male or normal sized female
  • Size 26 is for a smaller female or a lurcher


Additional information


Red, Green, Blue


26, 28, 30, 32

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