Winter Coats – REDUCED


Winter Coats – REDUCED




These are our regular winter coats which we sell for £25.00.  They are perfectly functional but the material was marked in the production, so the black from the trim has leaked onto the colour.

We are selling them at half price – if you just want a nice cozy coat to keep your dog warm they are a bargain.  They will also be good as an overnight coat  or a house coat to keep your dog wamr when your heating is off.  We have posted some photos of the marked material.

How to  measure your dog.

You need to measure the full length of his spin – so from his neck to the top of his tail.  And in inches, this is the size you will need.

Everyone at Kent Greyhound Rescue is a volunteer so when you shop with us you really do help fund the work we do.

Additional information

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Colour & Size

Pink 28, Orange 28, High Viz 28, High Viz 30, High Viz 32