Sponsoring a dog help KGR help the dogs who just cannot find a home.  You can donate a small monthly amount and be part of their family.  We will keep in touch every few months to  let you know what they have been up to and what adventures they have had.  Plus special photos to show how much they are enjoying their life.  You can join Zumas family below.

Zuma arrived at KGR as a young dog in 2016.

He was ‘unusual’ from day one, continually suffering from at least one owie. He was just completely uncoordinated and so very precious. He constantly had a scratch or a cut which needed a bandage and cuddles. We even resorted to ‘one-sie’ pyjamas outdoors to keep him in ‘one-piece’! He was massively flexible and managed all sorts of shapes and contortions when he was sleeping on the job at collections.

So …… he was born bespoke!

Zuma did find a wonderful home with other dogs (and even a cat) but he just couldn’t relax and switch off. This anxious boy couldn’t do ‘normal’ greyhound and was going to get into serious trouble chasing visitors.

Meanwhile…… we all knew about the love affair he had had with one of our volunteers. When he came back to KGR he was delighted to find a foster home with the same volunteer. After further assessment (and minor indiscretions) it became clear that Zuma should stay in his foster home.

To be fair he probably planned it that way!

Zuma is being a very good boy but does need to be kept safe by careful management of his environment. We are so pleased to be able to offer him a permanent foster placement with KGR.