We are always looking for responsible volunteers to help walk the kennel dogs.  Some of our volunteers are unable to have a dog of their own, so thoroughly enjoy being able to walk a greyhound on weekends and holidays.  Others just want to give our kennels dogs an extra treat.

After completing our volunteer application form and providing ID, to be approved to walk the dogs you need to attend one of our induction walks.  After the induction walk you will need to walk a minimum of twice a month (preferably more).  Because you can take the dogs off the premises – we need to make sure the kennels staff recognise you and that you remember what was said during the induction.  Therefore for the safety of our dogs, if you do not walk for 4 weeks, you will be removed from the approved dog walkers list and you will not be able to walk the dogs.

Before applying can you please ensure that you have the time to commit to walking the dogs. Once registered we expect you to commit to at least 2 sessions per month. We are all volunteers and it is really frustrating for us to take time away from general dog care to process volunteer applications, for people then not to walk the dogs long term.   

For security reasons you will not be able to take the dogs of the premises until you have provided ID and have been approved to do so.

You will also have to sign an agreement confirming that you will not allow the dog off a lead and will keep the dog muzzled at all times.  

You may take children with you on the walk, but they are not allowed to hold the lead and walk the dog.  The minimum age for dog walking is 18.

Once you have been approved and have signed an agreement, you may take the dogs to the local village or down to the sea front.  The dogs wear their “I Need A Home Coats”, so the walks not only benefit the dogs, but may also help find them a home.

If you are interested in walking the kennel dogs and are able to commit to an induction walk, please complete the volunteer application form in the volunteer vacancies section.


We don’t currently have an induction date scheduled. Please check back soon for the updates.