Who is HRH Dora?

Her Royal Hairiness Dora arrived at Kent Greyhound Rescue in July 2017 – and she is still with us, and still looking for a home.  She is a fabulous dog if you are lucky enough to be on Team Dora, not so pleasant if you are a stranger. HRH Dora has a large social media following and her faithful fans can see no wrong in her.

Why has she not been rehomed?

Dora is super clever, super affectionate and super naughty is equal proportions.  Her new owners will need to have eyes in the back of their head and always be one step ahead of her.   She is still looking for a home, but we would have to be 100% assured that her new owners will not take any risks with her or put her into situations she does not like.

How Can You Help?

To help keep Dora in the lifestyle she demands, you can buy some of her merchandise, buy her a gift from the wish list, or join her fan club.

HRH Doras Book

Like all celebrities – Dora has written her memoirs.  Her book is a funny look at who she really is and why she is still with us.  Only £6.50 – Click on the photo to buy a copy.

HRH Dora - Her Funny Memoirs

HRH Dora Face Masks

Wearing a Dora face make is an odd concept but she loves the idea of her fans trying to be just like her.  Made of neoprane – they can be washed or put in the oven to disinfect.  Only £5.99 (including P&P).  Click on the photo to buy one

Dora face mask





KGR Wish List

Dora loves to look great, to eat treats and to play with toys and balls.  You can buy her a present through our Wish List.  Just let us know it is for Dora.  Click on her photo to take you to the wish list section of the shop.





Doras Video

Dora now lives in a foster home and is very pampered – before this she spent 299 days at our kennels.  Her video is what happened on Christmas Eve 2018, she was told she was coming home for Christmas.