Kennel Dogs Wish List. 

You can buy our dogs some treats, toys or something more practical from either our own Wish List or from Amazon.

Kent Greyhound Rescue Wish List

You can buy our homeless dogs a treat, a toy or something more practical such as a coat, a flea treatment or some food. 

This can all be done very simply from our own website.  Your item will then be delivered to the kennels or the foster home.  You can specify which dog you are donating to – or let us decide who needs it the most.

The dogs who arrived at KGR have had very little in their life – from love to toys and treats.  We do try to spoil them, just a little, whilst they are in our care.  As a charity we never had the spare cash to spend on toys for the dogs – so they just love people to buy them something.

Why donate to Kent Greyhound Rescue

Everyone at Kent Greyhound Rescue is a very dedicated volunteer.  We receive no funding from the racing industry so we have to fund raise everything ourselves.  This means we rarely have anything left over for treats.