New Year, New Dog, New Life!

As we look to the New Year, perhaps you may have been thinking it’s the time to get a new dog. After all there are many benefits when it comes to dog ownership, including exercise, getting outside in the fresh air  and  exploring new places together, it’s also good for your mind and body.

Dog ownership is also a major change and upheaval to your life, so please give it some serious thought.

Have you thought this is also however, the same for your new dog? Most have never set foot inside a house before so this is a huge event for them. You need to be realistic and expect a few bumps along the way!
They won’t know what a TV is, or a vacuum, or a sofa for that matter, let alone that there is food all around them and it’s very tempting!
Let’s look at it from your dogs point of view, we can use the example of Stacey who arrived with us back in June. She was very very scared and stuck herself against the wall in the kennel when she arrived. You can see the fear and anxiety on her face from this photo.

She didn’t show herself well and was very hard to get good photos of as she looked frightened all the time. However, she gradually got braver and would come out for walks and trips to the coffee shop and park, but was still quite anxious. We knew inside was a fabulous girl just waiting to emerge.
Luckily for Stacey her new mum Jane, met her and decided she was the girl for her.
It took a few weeks for the real Stacey to start to appear, but she most definitely did! She started to play in the garden and discovered what toys are all about. She would become more  cheeky and loving as the days turned into weeks and time passed.
The sofa was discovered as was the bed and new adventures began. How happy this girl is now. ♥️

We just wanted to highlight that these dogs will change when they find their feet and blossom into fantastic pets. Maybe  that worried little face you see at the kennels is hiding the new best friend you always wanted.

So when you come to choose that new companion, please give it serious thought and don’t be put off by that timid, shy dog that’s a bit overwhelmed when you first meet, they are just a hidden gem waiting to be shine!

Stacey is just one example. There have been many ‘Stacey’s’ that come into rescue, just give them a chance, she wasn’t the first and won’t be the last that doesn’t sell themselves when first meeting you, just look passed those sad eyes, there can be ‘greyt’ times ahead.